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1423     Music Nashville
is excited to announce the exclusive artist management agreement with
Marc Ensey

Marc Ensey

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Marc Ensey was born in Yakima, WA and was raised in the wide open ranch land of Goldendale, WA.  He comes from a family of five – his parents, Doyle Ensey and Sara Green, and two younger brothers, Shawn and Shannon.  Prior to his senior year of high school he moved to Zillah, WA, and after graduating from Zillah High School he traveled extensively until finally settling back down in Goldendale where he makes his home today.  Marc is also the proud father of two daughters, Shelby (22) and Courtney.  Courtney would have been 20 on July 13, 2011, but sadly passed away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at the tender age of two months.

When he's not on the road or preparing for a local gig, Marc is a year round sports fanatic.  You'll often find him watching his favorite NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. tearing up the track, or catching up on how his beloved Chicago Cubs, Tennessee Titans or Boston Celtics are doing.

For most of his adult life he's worked in construction or enjoying the open road as a long haul truck driver.  Seeing the entire “lower 48” states has given Marc a greater appreciation for the beauty of America and the kindness and friendliness of Americans coast to coast.  He's loved every aspect of those experiences, with the exception, of course, of some really close calls during the winter months.

Marc is also quite an accomplished horseback rider and owner, having spent most of his life around horses, and he's looking forward to the day when he'll buy a few more.

Marc’s dad got him interested in the guitar when he was 14.  After several years of pickin’ and playin’ for fun he found himself on stage for the first time at a bar called The Country Connection in Selah, WA, when he was dared to get up with the band for open mic.  After a lot of joking around and name calling, he finally cowboy’d up, singing Brother Jukebox and The Fireman.  He's been hooked ever since!

There have been many influences on Marc, including some of his heroes like Ronnie Milsap, George Strait, George Jones and Merle Haggard.  He says they're his heroes because “they've always kept the music traditional.”  Along the way he's met Waylon Jennings, Heidi Newfield, Randy Travis, Paul Brandt, George Jones, Clay Walker, Chely Wright, Montgomery Gentry, Tanya Tucker, Ricky Van Shelton, and Little Texas to name a few.

“Come and Go”, a song Marc wrote for his daughter Shelby, has been a big hit on local radio in The Gorge, and he's been interviewed on several occasions in Washington and Nashville, especially when he was putting together fund raisers for needy families at Christmas.

The largest crowd Marc’s ever played for was 50,000+ at the Oregon Jamboree in Sweet Home in 1998, but the coolest gig he's ever played was opening for Randy Travis at the Napavine (WA) Amphitheater in August 2007.  It's a smaller and more personal venue with seating of only about 1500, but it was packed!  He had the privilege of meeting and talking with Randy and his band for a while before the show kicked off, and then had the time of his life once the evening began.  “I had such a great band backing me, and the best sound that I've ever had behind me.  It was a LOT of fun!”

Opening for Randy Travis was a great experience for Marc on many levels.  “I have to admit, though, that I’d also love to open for an old school artist like Merle Haggard or Willie Nelson because I have so much respect for the classic country that is true country music that doesn't cross over, just COUNTRY MUSIC!  It would really be hard to choose between those guys!  Of course, George Jones was right in there as well before we lost him too soon.”

When he was asked if there was any particular artist he'd love to perform a duet with, his face lit up with the biggest smile.  “Yeah!  Reba or Chely Wright, because I think my vocals and theirs are right in the same tone.  Also, Terri Clark or Gretchen Wilson.”

Marc feels very blessed with the success he's enjoyed with his music over the years and he believes very deeply in giving back so others can also be blessed.  Two very special charities that are close to his heart are the S.I.D.S. Foundation because of the loss of his daughter Courtney, and the Humane Society because of his love of animals and his desire for them to find good, loving homes and lead happy lives.

Marc knows the road to success is a long and hard one, but it can be very worthwhile when it's being traveled for the right reasons and with the right people.  “I've got a team of people I'm working with now that are just unbelievable.  I feel so blessed and lucky to have them on my side, and I'm going to do everything I can to make all of their time and efforts pay off big time for them, and along the way have a lot of fun, too!”

That certainly shows the mark of a man who's committed to becoming a successful singer, songwriter and entertainer.  But more importantly, it shows the mark of the kind of man I'm grateful and proud to call my Friend.

He's looking forward to returning to Nashville for good as soon as possible, and with the management and production team he's assembled, coupled with the great songs he's been writing, that dream will be a reality in no time!

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