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It All Begins With A Songwriters' Impossible Dream
You have dreams.  Perhaps, until now, you were the only one who believed in your dreams.
One of those dreams may be that ever elusive impossible dream to one day hear a song you've written
recorded and sung on the radio by a major artist.
Many people can relate to your passions and desires, and there are a select few in the music industry
who can work with and for you to help make that impossible dream a reality.
These select few are known as publishers and song pluggers.
No one can guarantee your success, but publishers and song pluggers are in a unique position to know
who's looking for songs to record for their next album, what kind of songs they're looking for,
and who the best connection is to give a song it's best chance of being heard by the decision makers,
namely the artist and his or her manager and producer.

1423 MUSIC NASHVILLE is the result of many impossible dreams coming true over many long years,
and we want to help make your dreams become a reality.

We're one of the newest publishers & song plugging agencies in Nashville, and that gives us the advantage
of NEWER and FRESHER ideas, coupled with tremendous energy to make things happen,
as well as an incredible commitment to get results!

Great reputations can be difficult to establish and maintain in ANY industry.
In Nashville we'll make sure you're represented with class, style and integrity.

Check out the details throughout our site, and then give us a chance to make a difference for YOU!

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